Changes At Kingston Park This Season

John Welsh states that there are lots of changes planned for Newcastle Falcons this season, which is exciting for someone playing in the prop position like him.

There has been recent news about seven recruits lined up for the forthcoming season to infuse new blood into the team. As a result there are lots of new changes being planned at Kingston Park, which is the main venue for Newcastle Falcons.

About seven new recruits have been introduced at Kingston Park that includes the likes of Sami Mavinga from Lyon as well as Gary Graham, Chris Harris, Jon Welsh and others. While some players might not be new but their contract renewals will certainly help to strengthen the forward row ranks of the club. The club has been at bottom position for Premiership as they lost their place during the season spanning 2012 to 2013.

Newcastle is now planning to take their steps up from the bottom ranks. What has also brought about a need for the changes is their promising performance at Twickenham Stoop as well as a finish in the top six ranks for the European Champions Cup league. Hence, such finishes have brought new hope to the club management. Welsh is one such player who is happy with the changes as he feels that being able to play for a Premiership league club is an opportunity that should not be missed. With the progress that has been happening since the club everyone is eager to spruce up talent within as well as train with newcomers to the team. That will surely help the club to up their position in the Premiership rankings. Dean Richards is also helping as much as he can get his team in place and push up the performance levels of the club.