In Form Newcastle Relies On Catterick

Tom Catterick is hopeful that he is going to continue to be with the XV Newcastle Falcons as the clash with the Europeans starts against Stade Francis. Being 24 years of age he has several times won the man of the match for Newcastle. In the Pool table they have also registered bonus points with their win. For the tournament of the Premiership the win is significant as it shows their dominance and performance. Going by the challenge cup Catterick believes that they are performing better in it without any restriction or pressure.

They have always maintained their position and shown some great results in the game. To win three games out of three deserves special mention and courage. They are not giving it easily to the opponents and are earning their share of victories. They do believe that in the end they could have got some more points under their name. They are going to France with positive energy. They love to play against players and teams who are considered world class as to defeat them is a great feeling which they get while playing the finest teams and players.

Catterick utilised the full back and turned it in his favour. There is lot of potential in him. He is yearning to play against the Stade in Paris as the atmosphere is going to be electrifying. To beat the home team is what they are wishing for and if it happens it is going to be spectacular to say the least. Domestically like the London Irish, Newcastle is struggling put they have got to keep their heads high and not to lose momentum. They can keep up their form in the continental competition. In all the pools every team is trying to vie for the topmost spot on the table.