Newcastle Falcons tear apart Newport

It was a classic case of men against boys as the Rugby Football Union Championship side the Newcastle Falcons showed their ruthlessness against the amateurs from Newport, Wales as they marched to a 15-try victory over them in the British and Irish Cup, a win that saw them surge into the quarter finals of the competition. To tell the truth, the two teams should never have been allowed on the same field at the same time – such glaring was the disparity between the sides, be it is performance, athleticism or anything else for that matter.

However, one cannot blame the league leading Falcons to have their share of fun at the expense of the part timers from the south of the border. And this was the same Newport side that had overcome the odds to beat the Newcastle Falcons in the second half in the reverse fixture just a mere eight days earlier and as the self proclaimed most famous club in Wales succumbed to their worst defeat in their proud history of 138 years, questions are already starting to being raised over the presence of professional clubs in such a tournament.

The Falcons took a first half lead of 57-0 through a sheer display of professionalism and brute strength as Newport hardly had any effort of note to show for in the first half. There were even calls for the home team to breach the 100-mark barrier, which was only beaten by the clock as the RFU Championship leaders raced to secure a famous score at Kingston Park.

But this win, in spite of coming against an amateur opponent, will please the entire Newcastle Falcons team as they seem to have discovered the touch that had deserted them for the last couple of weeks ahead of a crucial period of the season.