Newcastle Falcons

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  1. yer i appreciate admire that part of wilko too….

    i doubt he’ll be around long enough for a heineken cup….

  2. i like how wilkinson is so loyal to da geordies up there. will he ever win the heinekan cup at newcastle???

  3. i hade trial’s for them when i played for consett age 13 but i got bad injury on my back playing for under 16s ๐Ÿ™ so i went to football

  4. Ofcourse they won’t get rid of him, he’s a top bloke.

    By the way sorry everyone this vid is made like 2 years ago so I couldn’t include some recent big signs like karl hayman.

  5. yea hopefully they wont get rid of him in the near future or that he doesn’t want to join his bro – rob millers a good up and coming talent too ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Ubelievably gutted Tait is leaving the falcons!! And of course Flood too!! What’s happening to our club!!??
    It’s the end of an era!!

  7. i agree with olliebrollypie on this
    “matthew tait, toby flood and jonny wilkinson we love you”
    nice vid too!
    from me x x x
    i <3 matt tait!

  8. not a bad vid. a mate of mine played rugby with taity when he were 15. taity is better cos my mate only plays for west hartlepool. another lad i play rugby with played with toby flood but flood is way better than me mate.

  9. Niicole Trev you are so right Toby is awsome!! Tait isn’t bad to look at is he! lol Love the video! x

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