Tim Visser Tribute

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24 thoughts on “Tim Visser Tribute

  1. He should’ve been on the Lions tour instead of Sean Maitland, who can’t tackle either.

  2. Such a class player, scored alot of tries for scotland already. Pretty silly of Gatland not to take one of the best finishers in the U.K- he’s even the highest try scorer in the Rabo for every season in the past 4 years!!! Visser and Maitland are both absolute quality.

  3. visser cant tackle for shit. he only scores because of edinburghs insane attack. he is rubbish

  4. hmm not really, pretty much half the backs that play rugby these days are around 6″4 or taller for tallest winger though i’d have to say matt banahan is definately one of the taller ones. He’s 2.02cms (nearly 6″8) but i think tim visser might actually be a bit taller than 6″4 but that’s what his championship profile says it also says his 112kg so to be that weighty and that lanky i’d say he’d have to be taller.

  5. Agree with the doing his job bit and disagree being a poor mans Banahan. To me they’re both the same – both capatilising on the hard work of others.

    It’s easy for people to compare big wingers with Jonah but Lomu created tries and opportunities for others.

    The 2 tries against the All Blacks… wow… 2 mistakes that were capitilised on and after a somewhat poor performance from the AB’s. Luckily Dan Carter was playing to sort the result out.

  6. must be tallest winger since lomu,how did he get to play for scotland if hes a dutchman?Very good player

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