Falcons Hope

Newcastle Falcons have limited their focus as they prepare to travel to Rotherham tomorrow. They aim to get accustomed to Clifton lane’s limited dimensions. The team is very much concerned about the venue’s lack of enough width. They have therefore tried to reflect on that as they prepare for their trip. This was revealed by the team’s winger, Andy Higgins saying that they have already taken their tape measures to the Kingston Park. The former England player said that he played at the venue in 1999. He also noted that even though they’ve changed grounds a couple of times during their spells they have gone back into their customary home again.

The player was also quick to note that they have been practicing with smaller fields in order to get accustomed to the limited width at Clifton. They have also tried to make their field the same width. He says that they are aware of exactly what they need to apply and the function of a winger changes slightly if there is limited room out wide. It is simply just essentials like keeping the space as well as running straight. He also notes that you have to consider the available space so that it does not catch you by surprise when you go down there.

Higgins also added that since they expect a real test at Rotherham, they are fully prepared to put up a good fight. However, he recognized the capabilities of their opponents claiming that they are a big team and therefore can’t be underestimated. Huggins also noted that Rotherham play with great ambition sometimes, and they offer a great offloading side. He however maintained that they have done enough practice and therefore they will put enough resistance. Newcastle Falcons expect to repeat their brilliant performance against Cornish Pirates.