Newcastle Rugby Club

The NEWCASTLE RUGBY CLUB was formerly referred to as Gosforth Football Club or Gosforth FC till the year 1990 after which it took the name of Newcastle Gosforth till 1996. Currently participating in the Aviva Premiership this English Rugby Union is now named as the Newcastle Falcons. The club resorted to the name Newcastle Falcons just before it made its entry into the professional arena.

The Newcastle Falcons have proved to be a club that has been very successful and formidable with four domestic cups and one premiership under their belt. If you’re interested in Rugby or Rake ball then you must have heard of Jonny Wilkinson. Jonny Wilkinson is from the NEWCASTLE RUGBY CLUB who has the title of being a World Cup winner attributed to him.

Reverting to the history of the Gosforth Football Club or NEWCASTLE RUGBY CLUB which was founded in 1877 what is interesting to note is that this club was founded by a group of School boys of the Durham School and the name Gosforth Football Club was derived from the suburbs of Newcastle. Due to relocation the next home of this Gosforth Football Club was at a ground at North Road which remained its home till the year 1990. The 1970’s are termed as the golden years in the history of the club during which period the club experienced success all round and won the John Player Cup in the seasons 1975-76 and 1976-77.  The club had changed its name to Newcastle Gosforth in the year 1990 and formed a partnership with the Northumbria University with the Kingston Park as its Home Ground.

THE NEWCASTLE RUGBY CLUB in the 1996-97 seasons adopted the black and white colored jersey when Sir John Hall had taken over the club. Sir John Hall had undertaken the effort to form a sporting club which comprised of the football team which was also known as the Magpies, the Newcastle Eagles basketball team, the Newcastle Wasps ice hockey team and the Newcastle Falcons rugby union team. In the year 1995 the former captain of the Wasps, Rob Andrew was instated as the Director of Rugby and Newcastle became the first professional club in the world. Fortune favored the Newcastle team as it went on to become the English champions in the following season in their first attempt. In the year 1999 the Newcastle team was sold to Dave Thompson and since then the Newcastle’s have only seen better days with a number of victories under their belt and with their best ever Heineken Cup Performance in 2005.

The NEWCASTLE RUGBY CLUB served to play the role of the labor market as described in the theory of economics by supplying players to nations all over the globe over a number of years including supplying players like Arthur Smith, Ray McLoughlin, Malcolm Young, Roger Uttley, Peter Dixon, Duncan Madsen, Dave Robinson, Richard Breakey, Jim Pollock and Colin White to the full international and British Lions teams. Thus this rugby club is a well recognized and a well appreciated one.