Newcastle Try To Fend Off Sale

The latest match between Newcastle and Sale ended at 15-21, showing that Sale won the match.

As a result, the Champions Cup position was secured by Sale as they obtained such a victory over Newcastle Falcons. Sale has been looking to get a victory so that their season finishes in style and they are able to secure a position in the Champions Cup. The game had an open start though. There were equal chances for Newcastle and Sale at the beginning.

The Newcastle team fought bravely with opponents like Danny Cipriani and David Seymour. Danny, even as it was his final appearance this season with the Sharks, put up a formidable defense.  The TMO interfered after kick off when a try was chalked off. Cipriani was able to add on more points, but Peter Stringer did not allow that to happen.

Falcons then bounced back in the game. Nili Latu tried to get a hat trick, but a driving maul led him to be grounded. The Sharks then had their go in twenty five minutes. Sam James nipped and tried to stretch out the lead. Newcastle tried to up their lead before the break came. Latu tried to be the man with the ball. He was successful in completing his hat trick after the second half ensued. This helped to level the proceedings somewhat. Delany tried to get in a kick again, but he missed. As a result Sale began to take off with their match.

The Falcons did not make it easy for their opponents. The problems that they created did deter their opponents. However, Sharks defended their team in a superb manner. In the end, the fans of both teams had a fantastic match to watch which is what they wanted. Newcastle having put in adequate effort was also enough for many.

Newcastle’s Method Of Attempt In October

This year will be a changing factor for the Newcastle as they are beginning and gearing up to host the third largest tournament of rugby in the world called as the Rugby World Cup for the year 2015. The city is being called home by the Scottish Rugby along the tournament and it is the legendary and historical St James Park which will host the two significant pool games of Scotland.

Fans of Scottish are being welcomed by the Geordies as the entire city gets filled up with blue in the name of the national team. This October, Scottish rugby has a lot to offer to the fans. Those who have not yet witnessed the neighbourhood Gateshead in the 10 years then it is going to be a complete surprise altogether. It has turned up into a beautiful and miraculous heritage where culture is combined with sport and nightlife in the midst of an industrial destination.

A traveller who is highly influential of the Lonely Planet called it as the capital of hipster in the north east England. In Europe it is considered to be the third best destination and cited under trip advisor itself. The surrounding around the James Park during the world cup is going to be electric. Continue Reading “Newcastle’s Method Of Attempt In October”